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Originally Posted by Anorak
I have a part #11311337843 sitting here brand new with the matching oil pump rotor. From what I can tell it fits /6 with points ignition. I'm under the impression that at some point in the /5 era the seal size changed. Okay, it looks like this is the large seal version. Anyhow, anybody have an idea of what it's worth?

p.s. It looks like the small seal and post 1980 electronic ignition versions are available from Moteren Israel for 229 and 149 Euro respectively.
Chicago BMw will sell you a 336 cam for $157.00 and delivery of mine took two weeks, like everything else fom them.

If you want to sell your cam and it's truly NOS, I'll pay you the cost of a new BMW cam, plus shipping, maybe a bit more 'cause it might save me a bit of machining.

While the currently available cams don't have the small seal diameter or the points tip, it is possible to run the later timing cover with the current cam and benefit from the ability to use a bean can as backup or , with some machining, you can do the same thing with the stock smooth chain cover.

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