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This was more of a response than I was thinking.

Sorry for the delay, I was in the shop cutting Titanium all weekend.

Of the questions asked here are the answers:

Peg Placement- No change

Different versions-

LC4 version- Not yet. I'd need a peg set to work off of to make different version. I have a 2000 LC4 so that might be the next version. Send me a part number if possible along w/ the year and make/ model of the bike.

I've got some BMW riders looking for stuff to this would help.

Size of Peg-

Wider front to Back.... How wide are you looking for? I can make just about anything.


This version is 6061 aluminum along w/ all the test version.

I think I'll switch to 7075 Aluminum if this takes off. The entire pegs is one piece. I've got a similar setup on sleds and it works out well. Doesn't rip your boots to shreds like some, but you stay put too. The easier and less time it takes to machine and the less parts involved the cheaper I can sell them for.

Just to clarify I have NO "Test" versions in stock. This is a part I'm looking to make more of. I'll be contacting those that made the cut via PM w/in the week or so. If you see this and like them/ hate them please still post your thoughts, but as of now all the future test units have been spoken for.

I plan to make a few, get them out to the riders to have them use them/ abuse them in the real world. Once I get feed back from them I'll decide to make more or what needs to be changed.

I appreciate the feedback and hope to offer a product that works well for most.

Pictures of the Orange version will be posted this week when I get them back.

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