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Originally Posted by RoughRider
I took delivery of a CRF230L myself last week. I've been riding an XT225, but got tired of the noise. This Honda is QUIET. I like the looks of your Cargo Tail Bag. I think I'll order one of those to use while waiting for Turbo City's Borrego Rack to become available. That is what I used on the XT225 and I really liked it. The Turbo City gent's email to me stated that they hope to have a CRF230L model available soon.

What's hanging under the left side your tail bag? Is that part of the bag or something else?

Yah, its part of the bag. Its just the 2 flaps on either side that are supposed to fold under the bag. Its to fold up the bunjees in for when you want to carry the bag with you. The bag might mount better on some sort of cargo rack, I just have it sitting on the fender. Its a pretty nice bag, expandable to be able to fit a full face helmet.
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