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4 Corners of South Africa - via the internet.

The interiors of the apartments/cells didn't look any better either. The bed clothes if they had ever been washed, undoubtedly hadn't experienced the intimate pleasure of tumbling uncontrollably in the lathered embrace of a front loader for quite some time and so, mindful of the constant nationwide publicity advocating condom use, I pulled out my sleeping bag, carefully unrolled it and, after a few clumsily uncertain moments spent fumbling for the light switch, slipped myself eagerly into its' warm confines; hoping to shield myself from the distinctly unsavory possibility of catching an unwanted disease.
(Excerpt from Day 12's entry)

I initially bumped into Gary (and his brother Joe) at a western Colorado gas station in 2003 while on a similar trip with my good friend Mike. Since then we've done an Arctic Circle ride together ('06), and so when Gary mentioned he had an interest in touring South Africa, I asked him to keep me posted. We're both working stiffs and married to very understanding wives, so unfortunately any potential route would need to be done in a pretty short time frame. Anyway, a couple of months later after he'd made a few posts on an African Adv website (, we got an invite to hookup with a bunch of Jo'burg natives who were planning a 4 corners attempt. Sounds straight forward enough The basic route was as follows, starting and ending in Jo'burg and traveling in an anti-clockwise direction. Total distance around 5000 miles.

Not saying I'm anal, but here's a shot the bags packed pre-trip.

Must give a word of thanks to my buddy Rex who hooked me up with a full compliment of Eagle Creek packing cubes/sacs for the trip. Rex reps luggage for a living, is also a fellow rider and was nice enough to put together over $200 of free samples. You rock buddy Actually this stuff really is awesome and makes me wonder how I managed before - Highly recommended.

Edit: The Sierra Club is the devil incarnate and Eagle Creek has an unfortunate habit of bankrolling them. Beware!

Pre-trip + Flight.
$800 worth of shots (medicinal ) a-piece and the 16 hour plane ride beckons (Gary's flight is actually a few hours longer as he flies from Boston to Atlanta, where I board the plane). Minor drama ensues at the airport, since my passport has just under the typical 30 day requirement left on it for me to be let out of the country, but the officials are nice enough to let it slide. Fortunately the plane's half empty and thankfully cramped coach sets are magically turned into 3 abreast cots of (relative) comfort

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