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Originally Posted by miguelito

Pancho Villa....was the first General in the Mexican revolution, and became governor of Chihuahua. He lived and was assassinated in the town I'm in right now. I met one of his followers here, who at first told me he didn’t care for gringos,

but we ended a remarkable cross-cultural evening claiming each other as brothers.

This was the common thread which bound most of my adventures on this trip through Mexico; a desire on both the Mexicans and my part to understand each other, (sometimes literally),

and a consequent friendliness that I couldn’t have predicted prior to making my journey.
These remarks reflect the true "Treasure of the Sierra Madre", and treasure you have found. Your friendships, and now relationships, with historic/scenic discoveries in México as icing on the cake, are vastly more valuable than any material posession a man can have.

While your photographs and trip itinerary are excellent, it is your thoughtful telling of the importance of establishing a bond between cultures I find most striking and poignant. You were an ambassador not only for yourself, but others who travel behind you.

Motorcycle trips can be a voyage of discovery, and as far as treasure goes, you hit the mother lode.

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