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Originally Posted by tricepilot
These remarks reflect the true "Treasure of the Sierra Madre", and treasure you have found. Your friendships, and now relationships, with historic/scenic discoveries in México as icing on the cake, are vastly more valuable than any material posession a man can have.

While your photographs and trip itinerary are excellent, it is your thoughtful telling of the importance of establishing a bond between cultures I find most striking and poignant. You were an ambassador not only for yourself, but others who travel behind you.

Motorcycle trips can be a voyage of discovery, and as far as treasure goes, you hit the mother lode.

Thanks for 'getting' that trice. This was really the reason I went to Mexico in the first place. The scenery, and history , and yes, even the motorcycling were all just a bonus to me. Having spent the amount of time there by myself that I did, with never a feeling of loneliness, is a testament to one of the friendliest and open cultures I know on the planet. For anyone contemplating a similar journey abroad, my only two bits of advice, (outside of technical/planning tedium, that is), would be to:
A. Learn at least the basics of the language, (please, thank you, I don't understand, Could you repeat that?, How much does it cost?, Where is the bathroom?, and last, but not least, Can you bring me another beer?).
B. Be open to sharing your story with people who at first blush, you may feel you have little in common with. So many of the positive exchanges I had on this trip were a direct result of placing myself in situations that the stereotypical gringo would avoid. Many mid-day breaks I recall choosing to get a beverage from the abarroterias on the side streets, with the bench of companeros sitting side by side outside. Those little, but rich exchanges, that occurred between a 'rich' gringo on a motorcycle and a less affluent group of Mexicanos, helped color my journey with an affection for the people and country, which I think would have been missing from a trip confined to 4 star hotels and restaurants.
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