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Am I on the right continent?

Trip Day 4: Lamberts Bay - Cape Town

Today is intended to be a pretty short day mileage wise - the plan is to ride down the coastline taking in a few of the coastal resorts, then hit Cape Town in the early afternoon.

The day starts off on a bad note, when we discover the 'blade has a rear flat. but that's nothing a flat kit in the hands of our resident tire guru Gary can't fix. The bike's chain is another matter though, it's kinked pretty badly and we advise Koshik to replace it if possible when we arrive in Cape Town.

For all the abuse dished out to the 1200ADV, it suffered nothing worse than a slightly tweaked windshield and a broken fog light mount

Gary administers TLC to the 'blades' rear tire.

The lock-ups at the back of the previous night's accommodation.

Once on the road, we immediately come across a section of dirt, much to the dismay of most. To add insult to injury it's a toll road too (R20 per vehicle, unless you're Koshik, who negotiates half price). Gary inadvertently runs over a cat during this stretch and the poor thing must've been on it's last life as it doesn't show much sign of movement afterwards.

'Come on now, who doesn't love dirt?' This is actually a really crappy picture - there were mountains all up the left side of this road and just over the dunes on the right was the ocean. Shame about the railroad tracks though....

Getting off the toll road, the route continues down the coastline until we eventually stop in Veldrift to get some breakfast. A local guy recommends a nearby hotel as a likely spot and amazingly (no Wimpy) we check it out.

Winding along the coast to Veldrift

Looks kinda marshy

Some excellent OSHA approved work going on outside the hotel

The view's not bad, but it's no Wimpy

Is it just me, or is there a cell phone ad in there somewhere?

After breakfast the route continues further south and we encounter a slew of picturesque coastal villages that are nothing like I'd expected to see in this part of the world.

We went down to 'Paternoster'

Stopped for a mid-morning break in Langebaan

They don't need much convincing to stay off the sand by now

Beachfront seating - ah this is the life!

We are rugged adventurers

Finally the road leads us towards the outskirts of Cape Town and Table Mountain comes into view.

No doubt this one's been taken a few times over the years.

....and the trademark Darth Peach squish (loveyoumeanit)

Looking up the beach from Table Mountain - another shitty day in paradise (sigh!)

Concluding the picture taking at Table Mountain, reality beckoned and the next hour or two was spent in battle with the legendary Cape Town traffic.
The ultimate destination today is a house in a Cape Town suburb where a friend of Paul's has foolishly agreed to put us all up for a couple of days. The locals are advising us foreigners that Cape town accommodation is prohibitively expensive, but after spending a grand total of $37.50 for the last three nights, I'm wondering what their definition of expensive actually is.

Arriving at Hillary's house

Another of the big five? Hillary breeds attack tortoises, about a dozen of which roam menacingly around the back yard
They've been known to collectively eat a whole lettuce in a single day.

Hillary's dog is also vicious too. He took a liking to my sleeping bag, and in retrospect, given that I spent most of the night listening to the human chainsaw that is Mike's respiratory system - he was welcome to it.

Cape Town gives us the chance to get a few repairs done on the bikes

Some biker dude with his 'ole lady stood outside.

After everyone one fumigated and otherwise cleaned up, we went out to dinner with Hillary and her boyfriend Thor....

Thor's Norwegian and had been backpacking around the world for 8 months when he met Hillary Another typically overpriced SA eatery - Around $120 for all ten off us IIRC.

They could've at least put...........

............a little effort..........

..........into the deserts

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