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Forks, saggy and even a little cruchy?
Evening last I was going over my newest XL. A '78 175.
The front end felt saggy (feels much lower than my '74s) and one fork seal is definitely leaking.
I pulled the plugs from the fork leg drains and the goo that oozed out smelled like 90wt MTF. Ah oh...
I've already ordered seals and dust boots, but now I'm a tad perplexed.
To help get goo out I replaced the drained fluid with ATF (didn't have fork oil, and it's cheaper, and I love the way it cleans things). I also shimmed the springs a tad by adding three nickels per leg on top of the divider washer between the springs. After reassembling they are a little less saggy but feel kinda crunchy, sticky.. Certainly not nice and smooth like the ones on my '74 (which were coincedently from a '78 parts donor).
Are these forks shot? Is there a bushing that can reasonably be changed to help this?
Thanks, Art
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