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Baboons are dangerous - and are attracted by food.

Trip Day 6 - Cape Tour

Today was a scheduled rest day and members of our group had various plans on how to spend it. Gary and I had looked at all the typical tourist options around Cape Town and (after talking to Hillary and Thor who are both experienced paragliders) we had decided that today would be a good time to do our first parachute jump. We'd made the arrangements the previous day, but unfortunately the day dawned overcast and the jump school had temporarily delayed flights until things improved. So we wandered up the road, had breakfast (non Wimpy) and took care of a couple of housekeeping chores, basically killing time hoping for the clouds to clear up. Eventually it looked as though the jump was a lost cause, so we headed back to the house.

The rest of the group apart from Koshik and Narissa (who were fortunately getting the chain replaced on the 'blade) planned to meet up with a few of the Cape Town Thinkbike crew and do a tour around the peninsula, so we tagged along on that. What better than to spend the rest day riding, eh? Of course as soon as we set off the clouds miraculously disappeared and we were treated to beautiful weather for the rest of the day.

Waiting at Dave's (midnight Special's) house for Jeremy (Clock) and Marinda (Tic Toc) to arrive.

The route quickly made it's way towards some of the most beautiful coastal riding I have ever seen and we cruised along for once at a fairly relaxed pace (thanks Dave) stopping to take plenty of photos.

Eventually we arrived at the Cape of Good hope National Park. The scenery in the park was truly stunning and presented numerous photo ops.

The De Gama monument

Subsequently however, as we rode down to Cape Point, we witnessed a series of events that, if anyone had had the presence of mind to have had a video camera on hand would have been an instant Youtube classic. We
came across a couple of stopped cars in the road whose occupants were watching a couple of young baboons. The car we pulled up directly behind was a Volkswagen Polo, whose three oriental occupants were throwing
cookies and chips out to the young animals. Suddenly, and without any warning a full grown adult baboon (I'm guessing these things weigh 100-150lbs) jumped in through the window of the car and all hell breaks loose.
After witnessing something that looked like a tornado in the inside of that car for what must have only been a matter of a few seconds (but probably seemed like an eternity to the human occupants), the door opened on the other side of the car (I'm still not sure who or what opened it) and the baboon jumped out the car clutching a bag of groceries. It then proceeded to examine the contents of it's haul right in front of us. Unfortunately, none of the car's occupants attempted to recover the bag.

'Aaaahhhhh, aren't the ( little) baboons cute'

'Go and keep those dumb bastards distracted a little longer'

'Lemme see, what have we got 'ere then: chips, cookies, soda.......'

I'M A FREAKIN MONKEY FOR GOD'S SAKE. Sometimes I get so sick of this crap, I think it'd just be easier to learn to drive, steal a car from one of you dumb suckers, then drive my furry ass to a Wimpy where I'd get some REAL FOOD.'

It looked as though it probably wasn't the first time these guys had pulled this little stunt and indeed when we rode back up the same stretch of road late in the day, there were a number of cars stopped feeding the young baboons, with no adults in sight.
Apparently Homeslice is quite notorious in these parts - from the local paper:,00.html

No shit

After that little incident we carried on down to the Cape Point where we stopped for a coke and a smoke in the restaurant there, and maybe a few of us considered the sanity of currently carrying food in our tankbags.

The view from the outside deck on the restaurant was also worthy of a photo or two.

With the excitement in the National park over, we continued along the coastline stopping at the Cape Boat and Yacht club briefly where someone snapped a picture of a (w)anchor.

Passing through the Simonstown area, I spotted a sign for the Cape Penguins. Now here's something else I don't think the typical ignorant foreigner (Hey! that's me) associates with this country, so I was eager to stop and see them. However, by this time, everyone was getting kinda hungry and so we ended up blowing right by the penguin beach and stopping for a late lunch in Fish Hoek.

Individual plans were varied at this stage. Paul and Cindy took off to have dinner with Paul's sister, who lives in town. Dave and the Cape riders headed back home (thanks for the tour guys) and Gary and I joined Mikie and Di to tour a few of the other Cape Town areas that Mikie's familiar with. We started heading up Chapman's Peak, however the road was closed due to some falling rocks (which is apparently a fairly regular occurrence), so we doubled back and instead went an alternate route around to the Camps Bay area.

We made a stop in Llandudno, a pretty high class area (in sharp contrast to the little shite hole of the same name in Wales that I'm more familiar with) and went down, on Mike's insistence, to the nudist beach at Sandy Bay. However to everyone's surprise, our exhibitionist friend was content to merely have his picture taken at the pathway sign rather than give the locals an inferiority complex by baring all on the actual beach. Maybe it was the thought of more sand that put him off the idea?

We then carried on through the ritzy areas of Clifton Bay and Bantry Bay. This is an extremely upscale neighborhood and as we followed the coastal road along through high dollar shopping and restaurant districts, it reminded me of the type Southern France/Monaco location you might have seen in an old Sean Connery era James Bond movie.

Koshik -with 'blade just out of shot

One half of the happy couple - Blade still out of shot

Since our current location was convenient to some great views overlooking Cape Town from the cable car terminal, we rode up there and took a couple of pics. Looking over the bay below was magnificent, but it was getting pretty dark by then and none of the shots came out that well; but fortunately for us, Koshik and Nerissa had been up that way earlier in the day (went up the cable car too) and they got some great pics.

After a pretty short ride back to our digs, we hooked up with Koshik and Nerissa for coffee and deserts at a local cafe. Thanks to those guys for the great sunset pics too.

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