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Originally Posted by thetoecutter

What's the overall length? I really want/NEED a wider peg but the other ones out there seem too long for some of the trails (firecuts) I ride. I worry about catching them. I stood on some long-pegs at the KTM event last year, it might have even been on your bike, and they felt too wide.

Say I want a certain length, could that be done?

Thanks and looking forward to see what you have to say.


Hi Skip,

These are 1.64" longer than stock and the new width is 2.5". I don't have a length on the bike though.

I just got these back....

I didn't go any wider b/c I don't want a "floorboard". This still works well for rocking back and forth IMO.

This length looked good for me on paper and standing on them in the shop and on the trails, but that is where the testing comes in. Rounded corners to keep them from getting caught on stuff.

I didn't have these on at the Rally last year, just made them this winter. I'll have them at this year's Rally though.

How long do you want? I'll look into it, I'm sure I could do it.

Maybe I'll offer a size 14+ peg length and a 14- peg.
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