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Originally Posted by YOGOI
It looks real good man!

I notice alot of requests for different types of pegs, and I was going to do the same.

I was wondering if it would be easy to make some that worked with FastWays.
If not I may just have to put the stocks back on, and get your exstentions. But I love the half inch drop down I can get out of the FastWays. Plus It seems that FastWay has been the main choice for after market pegs on all different brands of bikes, so it could be a good seller.


I've never ridden w/ a set of Fastways, a taller seat and bar risers keep my feet up as high as possible.

The extra drop is a big plus in those, I'll see what I can do. Next time I'm at the MC shop I'll see if they have a set to look at.

One thing, as you go wider the easier it is to scrape the pegs in corners, going lower adds to the problem too. Once you grind off your one piece steel units, your stuck buying another set. W/ these, if you wear them out/grind them down you could swap on a new set to the existing pegs.

That's all I have for now.
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