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Originally Posted by space
That's a hell of a plan. Good luck! I'm sure it'll wind up quite different than intended, but it sounds like you know how to roll with the punches.

If you don't mind my asking -- what do you two do? Traveling for 20 years can't be cheap. What jobs are you looking for when you stop in places to work for a year or so? Yeah, I know: lame question. Still, I'm curious.

I agree with bananaman's suggestion, although if you're talking 20 years of riding it's something of a minor point!....

EDIT: on the same note, why not the Funduro? They're great bikes, and they're a lot more comfortable than the DRZ. It looks like she'd also need the DRZ lowered -- they're a lot taller than the Funduro, which I can see is already lowered.
Right now I work at Boeing & she has a couple different jobs including freelance editing. Between the two of us we own three houses & the original plan was to sell one of these before we began & the other two as needed. Obviously that idea went out the window with the housing market crash but we can rent them out & have some monthly income that way until it improves.

Other than working at Ski resorts & Jessica doing freelance editing we plan on teaching English or other jobs where they need English speakers (hello tech support), working on farms & vineyards, being motorcycle messengers, writing a few books/articles (she's already been published, I'm working on it), and really whatever else comes our way. I really want to get to know the people/places we go better than you can get just by travelling through so we'll look for work in places we like.

We plan on living very cheaply. Cooking instead of eating out, guerilla camping, using CouchSurfing & to stay with locals and visiting lots of ADVRiders who have put themselves on the list to host riders or let them camp in their yard. I especially look forward to the last. Meeting lots of people from this site & having them show us around the best rides in their area.

Jessica thought about keeping the BMW F650 but it was pretty beat up, Very heavy for her, harder to fix, and didn't have the off-road capabilities we were looking for. She loves the DRZ. It's her only vehicle.

Thanks for the questions. Jessica will probably add some of her own insights later today.
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