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Trip Day 7: Cape Town - Barrydale Spa.

Today we leave our friends Hillary and Thor who've been great hosts for the last couple of days. I'm sure it's bitter sweet, especially for Hillary, who's had eight people crashing at her house. Thanks again guys.

Heading out from Hillary's for the final time.

Koshik's new chain - lookin good

It's Friday, so it must be Think Bike Coffee Morning day. The Capie Thinkbikers have the same arrangement as the guys in Jo'burg, so the day starts off with the traditional coffee and BS session at a local Java shop.

There's a pretty good turn out and I recognize a few of the guys from Dave's Braai a couple of days ago. This is also where we say goodbye to Mikie unfortunately, as he planned to stay in Cape Town for a few days then ride back to Jo'burg solo. I think we were all pretty sad to be loosing a member of what had by now become a fairly close knit bunch, and I was apprehensive to speculate how the group dynamic would be affected by the departure of one of its' key personalities. He provided a lot of laughs for the rest of us, and if nothing else we'd have to find someone else to victimize.

Disaster almost strikes just after we leave from coffee, as Paul is forced to take evasive action when a car blows straight through a red light and almost t-bones him. Everyone else in the group witnesses this incident; it would've been a show stopper for sure and I swear the near misses are sometimes mentally worse than the actual crashes and I know I replayed those moments repeatedly in my mind for the next few miles.

Rage on, General

However if anything was going to erase those nail biting memories, it was the combination of road and scenery awaiting us on this morning's ride. For any of you reading this who've been impressed by the legendary highway 1 along the Northern Californian coastline, be absolutely sure to check out the stretch of coastal road between Cape Town and Hermanus if you ever have the good fortune to be in the neighborhood. It's an absolutely stunning piece of real estate, largely devoid of traffic when we were there and, if the rest of the trip had totally stunk, this alone would have been worth making the trip for. The whole vibe was reminiscent of some of the classic Mediterranean coastal stretches, once again totally blowing away my preconceived notions of this wonderful country.

I took a few pics but as usual they're a pale reflection of reality.

The GS looking all studly on the coastline. FWIW I used the Wolfman KLR specific luggage on the bike and it worked great. No problems with the high muffler and even the rain cover was deployed successfully a couple of times.

Another piece of gorgeous coastal blacktop.

Eventually we rolled into Hermanus and found a nice little coastal outdoor restaurant to get some brunch at. There was a guy offering to wash the bikes in the parking lot and after we had sicc'ed Koshik on 'em to firm up the price, Gary and I had ours done for R15 each ($1.50).

Not Wimpy, but it'll do

Shine 'er up Scotty!

Our next major destination on this trip was Cape Aghullas, corner number two, and in reality the most iconic of the four since this is where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet. As we neared our destination it was evident that we were leaving the metropolis of Cape Town behind as the landscape was starting to look a little more remote and the settlements more sparsely populated. Still beautiful though. Although Aghullas itself looked like one of those typical end of the earth outposts that people go to just 'cause they're there, Paul remarked that he'd visited the place as a child and that it had in fact grown considerably since that time.

Rolling through Cape Aghullas

Anyway we rolled up to the lighthouse at Aghullas point, had fun taking pics there and it felt great to have achieved another major goal on the trip. Gary and I still had it in our heads to do the 'one foot in each ocean'
thing though and so we rode down the dirt road and ultimately the short footpath that lead down the final couple of kms to the point itself. We rolled the bikes up onto the platform and a got a couple of shots to show our future grandchildren.

Even got a picture of the Fluid Film at the Cape. I'll spare you guys *all* the details, but Gary and I were each given a small aerosol can of this stuff by the TB guys at the first gas station were the trip started and, suffice it
to say they all appear to be very enthusiastic about its' many uses (chain lube, leather conditioner etc). Dave (Midnight Special) down in Cape Town is even the SA rep for the stuff and he had half his garage full of 50 gallon drums of it. It got to be a source of group amusement that Fluid Film could fix just about anything and consequently it features sporadically in a number of the pictures.

The last couple of kms to

Almost there

Wait for me

Oh Yeah!

The Fluid Film - front and center

One foot's hot - the other one's cold There's actually a line cut in the rock, so you can really nail the 'two oceans' shot - assuming the line's in the right place

As Gary and I rode back up the dirt road feeling full of adventuresome thoughts, we returned to find the rest of the group chatting to this Dutch couple who had apparently spent the last six months riding down through Europe from the Netherlands and also down through the entire African continent, camping the entire way. Now there's a ride report I'd like to read. They did give a website address, but I haven't read the report yet since (a) it's written in Dutch (b) the link didn't work.

We are..........

Not in the remotest sense......

Worthy ..............

Hanging with motorcycling royalty at the Cape, and not a support crew in sight - eat your hearts out Ewan and Charlie
........and notice how Gary's 100,000+ mile jacket suddenly doesn't look quite so ratty.

'Yeah, me and Narissa are thinking of doing the same trip on the 'blade.'

But talk about feeling deflated. Those two managed to send me from intrepid global adventurer to pathetic middle-aged rich American asshat in about five seconds flat. :ymca Fair play to them though, it sounded like an awesome trip.

Next up: let's see if we can get arrested?

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