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Originally Posted by robhar54
I the spout C.A.R.B.-compliant but just not yet C.A.R.B.-listed/approved (pending a testing or application process)? I'm guessing (would love to know for sure) that C.A.R.B. requirements involve the cap and spout not releasing gasoline fumes. That's totally fine by me. If that were the case in fact, I'd rather buy a C.A.R.B.-compliant one. Anyone know what the regulation actually requires, or how a C.A.R.B.-compliant spout might differ from one that is not?

Rob in Seattle

I believe the issue with the old kolpin's was that the non-carb spout could be stored inside the container, while the carb compliant ones could only be mounted externally -- which kind of f's up the thing for moto/atv use.

I need to find out for sure what kind of spout will appear if I order the pak for delivery here.
Nate in N.E.

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