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Originally Posted by PackMule
I believe the issue with the old kolpin's was that the non-carb spout could be stored inside the container, while the carb compliant ones could only be mounted externally -- which kind of f's up the thing for moto/atv use.
Just did some googling, here's a partial list, from here.

All new fuel cans and spouts manufactured, sold, or supplied for use in California after January 2001 must meet with specific performance standards. These standards include, but are not limited to, the features listed below:

- Portable cans must be manufactured with a single opening which will function for both filling and pouring. The decreased number
of openings will reduce spillage and escaping vapor.
- New cans must have a self-venting spout since the secondary vent opening has been eliminated.
- Each can must employ an automatic shut-off spout capable of stopping fuel flow before overflow can occur.
- The spout must close automatically after fuel dispensing, seal itself, and remain sealed against vapor emissions while not in use.
- The permeation rate of fuel through the elastomeric walls of portable fuel cans cannot exceed a rate of .4 grams per gallon per day.
- New cans must be warrantied against defects for at least one year.
- Each fuel container or spout must display either a manufacture date or a representative code for identification
and regulation compliance.
- Packaging text must include additional labels of, “spill proof system” or “spill proof spout.”

Still don't see anything that makes me not want to have a CARB-compliant can....

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