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Originally Posted by glitch_oz
Wouldn't be the first time that BM has fugged up.
After all, it's to THEIR benefit when finishing up with cracked engine cases after a more serious hit.

Seems that only Wunderlich and Touratech got it right then.

I'm not an engineer, but a "flexible" (steel) long-leverage impact-item bolted to a more rigid /brittle Alum item spells trouble.... doesn't really need Einstein-quals, does it?

Time will tell, I guess...

(nb Not trying to stir the shit here, just thinking aloud...and from experience)
Your profile doesn't say you even own an F800GS, so I'm going to roll with that assumption. Are you qualified to make these statements?

When speaking of the Holan, BMW, Adv Spec, etc.: the brunt of the force from a hit would direct most of the force to the frame. The main connection point for these crash bars is on the sides of the bike, by the top of the engine. This connection is directly to frame, and designed by BMW and other to take the brunt of the impact. Not much would happen to the small connecting point at the bottom of the engine. And actually, the Holans are designed to relieve stress at these connection points as well.
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