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Originally Posted by glitch_oz
Wouldn't be the first time that BM has fugged up.
After all, it's to THEIR benefit when finishing up with cracked engine cases after a more serious hit.

Seems that only Wunderlich and Touratech got it right then.

I'm not an engineer, but a "flexible" (steel) long-leverage impact-item bolted to a more rigid /brittle Alum item spells trouble.... doesn't really need Einstein-quals, does it?

Time will tell, I guess...

(nb Not trying to stir the shit here, just thinking aloud...and from experience)
You are completely off base here. Crash bars are not designed to an immovable object that smashes everything around it during a crash. They're designed to 1) provide a certain level of rigidness in case of minor impacts 2) bend at predesigned points of inflection during a more severe impact, and 3) snap at the mounting points instead of damaging what they attach to. We're not talking titanium mounting hardware here...

In any case, you're incorrect about Touratech - they attach to the same mounting points, and I'm putting my trust in them (and their OEM Holan) over someone on an internet forum.

Nothing personal, just sayin...
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