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Originally Posted by F800 Rob
....2) bend at predesigned points of inflection during a more severe impact, and 3) snap at the mounting points instead of damaging what they attach to. ...
2)Predesigned points?
Doesn't that all come down to direction of impact, force-vectors and an endless number of other possibles?

3) Snap at mounting points?
That's one thing I still have to see.
Seen dozens bent and buckled, totally out of shape and folded back onto themselves with all sorts of colateral damage...but I've never seen a crashbar break at the mounting points/ plates.
No OEM bar, Givi, Hepco or whatever...
The odd broken broken weld caused by vibration, sure...but never snapped at "pre-designed" points.

Originally Posted by F800 Rob
In any case, you're incorrect about Touratech - they attach to the same mounting points, and I'm putting my trust in them (and their OEM Holan) over someone on an internet forum.
Just because someone does something in a certain way doesn't mean that it should be accepted as beyond doubt.
Plenty of evidence around of the "Big Guns" in the industry (any industry, really) goofing up.

Originally Posted by F800 Rob
Nothing personal, just sayin...
Same here.
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