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Factory Option...

Originally Posted by dwayne
oops made an assumtion. I assumed the number listed in the manual was a RON number, like the old 650 had. Wierd that an ADV bike is speced to run on anything other than 87/89 grade.
I'm a XTZ750 rider looking at the GS at the mo'. Browsing through the BM brochure (the UK one at least) it says there's a factory option to get it mapped to run on 'low octane' gas. Can't remember the figures or the rating method, sorry.

Not much help if you've already got one I s'pose but it may mean the remaps an easy one to get done by the dealer.

Interestingly what's the story if you get a 'low octane' mapped bike and then run normal gas - say 95 RON (UK)???? any ideas....?

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