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Originally Posted by cjracer
I've gone through all the PM's and emails. I only have enough stock for 10 sets. I'll PM those that made the cut. I'll need to know what version you want. Only fair way to do it is by the time that you PMed or replied to the thread.

I have no set price as I have not started to cut material yet.

One request was for some pics of the pegs folded up to see the clearance.

The brake side that other wide pegs stop short on.

This side may need a bit more cut off, for a prototype it was close on the first try.

Hope that helps.

Next order of business.

I think I'll make 3 different lengths. Different riders/ Different requirements. Overall Length measurement is from the inside part of the peg where the teeth start.

Small MX pegs (MX/SM)

-single row off teeth. OAL 3.5"

Standard (trail/road)

-Similar the the original pictured, just shorter. OAL 4"-4.25"

Long (trail/touring)

Same as original pictured. OAL 4.875"

The length that shows the least amount of interest may get dropped in the future.

I hope to get these started this weekend. These first 10 will all be made of 6061 Alum. and not anodized to get them out ASAP. If you are on the list and do not want a set, Please let me know so I can let the next in line have a chance. More details will be sent in the PMS shortly.
One set per person for now. Once the design/ size is proven, I'll work on the material choice.

Thank you,

Standard sounds like what I am looking for, obviously won't know 100% till I bolt a set on.

Sure you got a ton of requests and I doubt I made the cut but I'll watch this thread for updates.

Thanks !!!!
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