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Day One: Fremont - Fremont

Some drama. 71 miles travelled.

(or Plans A, B and C already?)

I left Fremont this morning, aimed for work at Redwood City to finish some work for a next release, before heading down to Monterey so I could get a head-start on tomorrow's long day, destination Santa Barbara.

I was really happy with how the bike was loaded and was handling. I've learned a little about packing by now.

Gassed up in RWC (clue: this bit is important) then took the plunge on 101 South to escape the grinding traffic of the Bay Area rush hour(s). 5 miles later my XR started to loose power a few times before stalling. I pulled over onto the "shoulder" just at an on-ramp before pushing the bike across the ramp in between speeding commuters. After some messing around, it started up as if nothing happened... less than a thousand miles... too early for the CDI to give up right?

In denial, I took-off for 85 hoping that maybe it would just get better by itself...

Then at Stevens Creek it died on me again and I pulled up the exit ramp, toggling the starter button to keep it rolling. Deciding not to mess with it too much in the precarious position I found myself, instead I rolled the bike between the mass of cars to get to the safety of the sidewalk. A friendly biker spotted my predicament and asked I needed any help. I explained my mess and he escorted me along the street with hazards blinking while I got out on the sea of hungry cars. I took refuge in a nearby gas station while I pondered my next move.

Plan B: Fortunately my Crackberry was able to supply a list of nearby Honda Dealerships and I wasn't far from Los Gatos. Once again, after a pause the bike started up again. Off we go!

Somehow nothing bad happened on the way to Los Gatos. I pulled off at the first exit and pulled into a Starbucks lot to get more detailed directions. At this point I noticed that my Shangri-La was in fact a car dealership

Plan C. Call some dealers. The service guy at Mountain View was a total tool (him: what do you expect me to do about it?.... me: uh thanks ) so I called my local shop in Fremont who where totally amenable. I decided to make my way back, at least I'd be close to home at this point. On the way, it died three more times. The third time, some dude pulled up in a pick-up just behind me and stopped to see if I was okay. Nice guy. This was getting old.

After firing it back up I was rolling again and had the forethought to check underneath my handy dandy Cycoactive barpack (best invention ever) and noticed that the line from my vented fuel tank to the California evap junk was all twisted up and kinked. I did a little emergency repair at 65mph (ish :wink) and everything was good in the hood.

I stopped by my local honda place in Fremont and smooth talked my way into talking a tech for a couple minutes just as they were shutting up. I explained my problem and what I thought I had done to fix it and the wise-man nodded sagely. He suggested a few other things to check as well but I think I fixed the problem "on-the-road". They'll be getting more of my business in the future.

I contemplated making a dash for Monterey though the waning rush hour traffic but decided against it simply because it's less fun being stopped at the side of the road in the dark.

Sorry, no photos. Use your imagination.

Tomorrow is a seven hour sprint to Santa Barbara.

It's just good clean dirt.

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