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Originally Posted by Cortez
It's interesting how you people lust over some bikes that are available
here in EU, but I have yet to see one on the road. Considering the cost,
98% here will go for a KTM..
Yep, you're absolutely right. And that's probably the reason that Yamaha won't bring it into the States, they'd have to buck heads with KTM on price, as well as the product offerings from the other manufacturers.

They probably lined the Tenere up against the perceived market competition & the price points of each and didn't feel it could make it on it's own. Such a shame, the other manufacturers seem patient enough to allow a model to build it's own market - how many years were the KLR650 and Concours out there before getting major upgrades? Weren't the roots of the V-Strom in the SV650?

Oh well, maybe someday.
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