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Fat Foot Install

Originally Posted by Bike4Fun
I got my fat foot yesterday!

I'll do a write up and include some pictures. Stay tuned!
So I just installed my Kildala Fat Foot on my F800GS. I always thought the surface area of the side stand was very small. As you can see its approximately 3 U.S. Quarters.

However, that maybe pushing it since you can see the quarters sticking out.

So how much bigger is the Kildala Fat Foot? How about 8 U.S. Quarters!!!

It was very easy to install. It took me about 5 minutes. The only thing I can see is that the head of the screws did not sit flush in their holes, but if the bike is sitting on dirt/gravel that is irrelevant.

Now I donít have to worry about putting the side stand down in soft dirt or gravel!

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