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Ever dream of working on a race team?

For the last three or four months I have been working on putting together a race team for Trophy Trucks. If you would like to come help at races, send me a sales pitch. This is for extra help. You will be the bottom guy(gopher, truck polisher). Probably throw you out in the middle of no where with a couple of qualified guys. If the truck comes in, your job will be to roll a tire up to the truck(not change it) or grab a wrench when the real mechanics are under the truck and yell for a wrench. You will be required to show up sometime for pit stop practice some weeks before the race. Shop will most likely be out at Willow Springs Raceway. We are going to try and get to a race by the end of the year but will mostly be for 2010/2011 season. First truck should be done in three months and we intend to drive/practice the hell out of it for the rest of the year.

Bonus points for:
1) you will pay us to work on the team. Enough $ and you get to drive the 800HP 30+ inches of travel truck.
2) welding/fabrication/mechanical skills
3) work for free
4) experience?
5) show up for this: fix all the broken bikes and flats so I don't have to.
6) cook/food prep

This is actually going to be a professional team with three trucks in the race once they all get built. I will need at least 10 more people at the races.

Points subtracted if you actually want to get paid(day rate+expenses). Welcome to the racing industry.
If you are really lucky I'll give you a ride in one. I get to race one .
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