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Well, just a couple things to cover:

1) My super ghetto stainless dashboard complete with somewhat cockeyed idiot lights

2) Super carcinogenic, toxic, corrosive carb cleaner and the wonders it works. Now, I was well familiar with the capabilities of aerosol carb cleaner like Clean-r-carb and others. This stuff is several orders of magnitude nastier and more effective. When I first got the bike it had sat for 20 or so years with the petcocks on. The float bowls were basically a solid block of waxy, crusty gasoline varnish. I went through at least 3-4 cans of spray carb cleaner getting them "pretty clean," but there was still plenty of persistent crud that wouldn't come off the inside of the bowl or the area above the float without scraping. That really left me wondering what was still lurking in all those tiny passageways. The bike ran and ran pretty well. Well enough that I didn't hesitate to rack up 13,000 miles on it last year. Anyway, there's a rough spot in the rev range and a a tiny bit stumbly idle which just couldn't get tuned out, so I decided to go back in and do the last 20% of the carb cleaning. This time they got the crazy death dip, new floats, new o-rings all around. The first time around about a year ago to the week I replaced the diaphragms, main jets, idle jets, needles and needle jets, so by now they're completely rebuilt. Here are some pics


(note that berryman's dip WILL take the white paint off your bing name plates)

Squeaky clean and new looking. Thanks Solo for loaning me the Berryman's. Now I have my own personal EPA superfund site.

Here's what you can use those cracked valve covers for:
R80ST Gets The HPN Treatment
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