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I cant really tell by the pics, but is the snowflake front a recall wheel?
I cant see the updated ribs in the pics. Just curious?

I dig Marks bags! Just havent seen enough money at one time to get a set! Looks GREAT!

Originally Posted by jedcaum
Well, it starts at a '66 and kinda goes from there. Tins from a '66, frame titled as a '68 R60, engine a mid '70s R90/6, front end is an '83 R65 and so are the snowflaks. Perches are /7 - I think, it's an R65 master cylinder near as I can tell. Headlight bucket and speedo/tach from a /5. New Denfield solo saddle, new fender rack (getting a clip-on Denfield pillion for it), repop Albert ranblebar mounted mirror. I did a thread when I got it, might dust that off with a new post, you can check out more there. SOrry for the hijack - I love this bike, will talk about it all day.

This was about bags, right? Luxor Marine repops of Enduro bags - the guy does a very nice job, and the bags are perfect for the /2 imo. They're still on, and I am definitely not a bag man. On bikes, anyway .

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