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Haven't busted a hole in my cat but I can tell you that there's a lot of paint missing off of the skid plate. Without the skidplate the cat would have taken a lot of nasty as well as on!

3 weeks ago I was headed to the RA in WV. I-81 7 miles north of Roanoke someone lost the entire exhaust system (minus header and cat) off of a Honda Accord. The car in front of me didn't try to miss it, he just ran it over which sent it sliding and tumbling toward me at a high rate of speed. I moved onto the shoulder but it wasn't far enough. I ran the muffler over at 74 mph (according the GPS V.) The stock skid plate is litterally "gouged" but Rick's plate just had a few marks in it.

We didn't go down but the bike did suffer. The brake pedal was bent under the transmission, the rear peg was bent completely backward and was touching the Jesse bag. The ABS went out which of course took the power brakes with it.

Fortuntately we were able to get the bike fixed and back on the road. If it hadn't been for Rick's skidplate the exhaust could have wedged itself under the bike on the centerstand. He may not have built it to prevent an errant Honda exhaust from getting sucked up under the bike but it worked as though he had! When I contacted him to thank him he offered to replace the skidplate if it had in fact been damaged in the incident.

On a completely different note... Had we been on anything else other than our R1150GS I'm afraid we would have gone down. The wheel isn't bent and I was able to straighten the brake lever with a 2x4 and a hammer. I kicked the passenger peg back into place and can live with a gouged skid plate!

I don't have any pictures of Rick's skid plate right now but I do have pics of the rear rack he made for my Adventure.


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