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Originally Posted by handrifle
That is really cool looking. I like it. I see a rear disk back there. How'd you do that?
Originally Posted by Zombie_Stomp
Black magic!

Naw, he paid an expert lots of money (probably) to do it for him.

To his credit, though, even though FG doesn't know how to fabricate on his own disk brakes, he DOES do some amazing, top-quality fiberglass work. Check out his blog, it's amazing to watch the process of some of his parts being made, such as the airbox, gas tank, and seatpan he is/has been working on.
Thanks Joel. Right, I had a local guy do the brakes on both ends of the bike. labor wasn't so bad because he knows flat trackers really well and what to do.

IIRC The expensive part was the hub: because you need a cushdrive and disk tabs. so we went with a supermoto hub by RAD racing designed for a CR/F. Could probably have E-Bay'ed an XRL, or KLR hub for cheap, but if I had my druthers I'd nuke E-bay from orbit:

my street tracker project!
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