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the 8)H report

thanks to all the riders who showed up, my guess is 26. special thanks again to sito.... for the epic ride and unbeatable experience.

let me post my lame pix and get you all FFs primed before the actions shots from the A group start showing up.

it's a long ride to get to cajon pass so spafxer and i trailered the bikes

cruising along the 210, john aka rruugger passed us riding his 640A

then my neighbor jon aka riddler990 blew by us

we arrived at cajon pass 10 minutes to 8am, and a lot of the guys are waiting or getting ready.

marty and sito....long time 9fiddiers

jim and tim

john and danny, my long time riding buddies and guardian angels....

in queu

the B and C group

heading up towards summit valley

smooth ride

racing against the iron snake

on summit valley road


the FFs didn' waste any time

more coming....
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