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Let's Ride!
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Sito! Great idea! I didn't see you all day but thanks. DSM8/Toast Thanks for the pics & report. Here's how I saw it.

For me the ride started out about 8 miles from where it would finish. I live near Pioneertown. Met up with one of my old favorite riding buddies and a new favorite at the I-10 and we slabbed it to the meeting spot.

An Old Favorite Jonz (bad photo sorry)

A New Favorite Blt4bja (mucho talent)

This would be the last time today that my bike was better suited to the task at hand than their SEs. It was a cold ride too.

Finally we're at the meeting spot.


That's better.

Rider914 led the 1st wave out. He really likes to ride fast. I didn't count inmates at the start but our group got alot smaller in a hurry. He took us on some sweet singletrack. I didn't get any photos of that part cause I was skeert of gettin' left behind! This group was MOVIN' !

About the only time I had time to stop for photos was on the........


This trail slowed everybody way down!

Jonz railin' a corner.

Much can be learned from the mistakes of others.

And it's just plain ol' fun to watch.

The peanut gallery.

They weren't too abusive. In fact here's a shot of Jonz cheering Rider914 on with his rendition of THE CHICKEN DANCE.

"That was fun, what's next?"

This trail is popular with the hardcore Jeepers. None of these guys had been here before on a bike.

Duck and PIN IT!

Rider914 couldn't figure out why his bike wouldn't go any further. This branch was still attached to the tree.

The 950A has the turning radius of an oil tanker.

Just over 8000'

What this trail needs is a little snow & ice....

YZLVR goes around one tree

Then just knocks the next one over!

Nowwhat tackled the obstacles with ease

Even if he lost his focus.

Oh that was the camera...


This photo is really out of focus but I like it so it's in.
YZLVR yellin" GAS IT! and Wrongway Jonz exploring the undergrowth. Good Times...

Judging from the fresh jeep tracks going under it, this tree must have fallen during Friday's windstorm.

My kinda ART

Time for the descent into Big Bear basin.

This is one of the only shots with Blt4bja in it. He's was always way out ahead of us. Ok man, If you want you photo taken, you gotta slow down!.....noobs.


The last section of the JOHN BULL TRAIL


Once we were back on the main trail things got fast again so the photography stopped till we got to Pappy & Harriet's Pioneertown Palace for lunch.

We did do a couple of fun offshoot trails but no pix.

Loadin' up after lunch

From there we were joined by Toast and RSC450. We headed to gas on Old Woman Springs Rd. via Pipes Canyon, Gamma Gulch, Road Runner Rut and Hondo Wash.
In the process we temporarily lost Traveltoad and YZLVR got a flat...twice.
It's a good thing he did too or I wouldn't have gotten these shots.

The last bit of dirt before Gas & Goodbys.

At Old Woman Springs everybody went West & I went East

This ride was a HOOT and this group made it that much better. Thanks Fellas . Let's Ride!

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