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FG, he took a trip around Australia where he lives, and he's only 19. I think he's got a ride report floating around somewhere. He really covered some miles, too.

I hadn't noticed the fasteners for your disk brake before, and I wanted to ask if your caliper has steel hardware behind the aluminum plate, or if it is only threaded in to the aluminum. It might be a good idea to use longer bolts and nuts on the back if there is room behind the plate for the nuts. I'm sure it would hold up but most of the disk brake calipers I've seen were deeper into more aluminum than that plate has. I'm sure you're much better off than us rear drum XL guys. If my front brake went out on me, I'd be F*cked!

I can switch to my XR rear swingarm if I can find a cush drive hub that costs less than the RAD manufacturing ones. I'm adamant about having cush drive because it is my deepest, darkest fear that I will get a stripped or abused countershaft. I don't like doing tranny work. I beat up a couple of XL countershafts before I realizd that I needed to leave more slack in my chain. Now that I have a chain slider that I made out of nylon, it is ok to let some chain slack slide. (Geezus, can you believe that the OEM ones cost $60.00?!)

Oh one more thing, guys, check out the sad little pile of hacked-off XL600 frame pieces in FG's disk brake photo! I'm trying to think of a good place to weld those onto my frame for a rack system. that would look so OEM!

Ok, ok, another thing. FG, I remember you saying my rack I made looks rally OEM too. I had 2 more people ask, "is that the factory rack that's welded to the frame?" I said, "no, I built that, thanks!" Then they asked, "is it welded to the frame though?"
"no, just bolted. This is only the rough first and I want to make more of them."

Then I described the revisions to the design that I want to make.
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