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Eh? HP2 Enduro clutch/gearbox noise

Hello mates

I have been reading about this typical noise in different forums and alot of them in threads from this forum. But there is not som many threads about the hp2 enduro gearbox noise in neutral.

The summary of what I been reading are:

* Not greased or worn splines between clutch and gearbox inputshaft

* Because of a not regular rpm at idle(lean mixture and surging) makes the gearbox to rattle

* Worn bearing in the back of the inputshaft(not sure if this affects the 1200gs and not sure if it has anything to do with the rattle)

I know that a lot of people have this sound but should it be there? Is it normal? I changed gearbox oil yesterday and it was grey/brown and frankly I don't know the last time it was changed. My bike have 18500km on it and the first 10000km service I sent it in but I don't trust the shop. So it could be more than 10000km. But there was no sign of metalldebris in it so I guess it's ok.

Then I got to think that I maybe should have a look inside the gearbox to ensure that everything is ok. Better safe than sorry since it's expensive stuff. I took a look at the cd-manual that we HP2 owner get with the bike.

And found this section in "replacing input shaft" under gearbox category:

Incorrect assembly can result in excessive or insufficient predamper travel.
This will cause the gearbox to rattle in neutral or will produce excessive
reactions to load changes. If the gearbox input shaft is partially or
completely disassambled, it is essential to recheck predamper travel before
reinstalling the shaft in the gearbox."

So this got me to think could it be that some gearboxes are faulty from factory? What I can remember so I had this sound since day one and 1000km.

The rattle dissapears when you pull the clutchlever and I guess that locates the problem tp gearbox or the or the part of the clutch that spinns with it.

Is there someone who has experience from overhauling these gearboxes that can tell me how this predamper thing works and what it is?

What do you think?
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