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That must have been a nice ride today.
Yeah, it was a beautiful ride. Whoever grabs my tag at the church won't be dissapointed.

are you folks requiring to have the same subject/objects/viewpoints/and or anything in the tag shot and the grab shots?
just asking....
Originally Posted by SteveOnTheWay
Not sure what you are asking here?
I think he's suggesting that the grab shot should as faithfully as possible match the original tag shot. In my case, I couldn't park my bike in the same spot as in Steve's tag shot because there were cars parked there. I think the goal should be to match the original shot as closely as possible, but if you can't for some reason, as long as it's clear from the grab shot that you're at the same place, that's ok. It would suck to find the tag but not get credit if for some reason you couldn't park your bike in the exact same spot.

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