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Originally Posted by thjakits

Question 2: Does anyone know how to fix this error on the cable driven speedo - is there any adjustments that can be done?


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I have tried, been frustrated, but it CAN be done: remove the back of the units to get to the point where you can get at the magnetic disc. Very carefully make a precise index mark when the speedo is at zero, and then remove the needle. Move the disc away from the index slightly, remount the needle. Re-assemble, test ride. Then (probably!) do it again, and again, and again, until you have the desired speed range.

Probably best to let a real speedo shop do it, was my conclusion....

Here is an excellent primmer in getting into the speedo guts: he discusses fixing the odometer, but the process of "getting in there" is the same...

Odometer repair thread

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