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Custom Paint from Chambers Creek Collision

This is a local auto body shop. Just two guys—Ron and Mike. They own the place so when you walk in there you’re talking to the boss. They helped me pick a color to match the seat and then turned the job around in a week. Nice work! About $200. Of course, my helmet and jacket are red so this fat boy is stylin!

Shiloh Tank Bag from RKA Luggage

I don’t carry much in my tank bag so a small one is all I need. Though the Shiloh 11 is pretty small, it barely fits. It comes with straps in a “Y” formation and large rectangular strap pads (see pic above). These pads were too big IMO and there was no good place to attach the straps in the front. So I removed the two front pads, shortened the rear pad, added a single front strap, and I’m using a gel anti-slip dashboard-style “Sticky Mat” under the bag to prevent it from moving. If you’re not familiar with dashboard sticky mats, they’re pretty amazing. Check them out on eBay—only cost $5.00—and they work great.

X-Challenge Belly Pan with BMW Engine Bars

I wanted a belly pan stronger than the stock BMW ABS pan. But I didn’t want a TT pan because they are so fug-ugly and bulky-looking. So I got a X-Challenge pan from another forum member. And I wanted it black so I got it powdercoated. I like the way the BMW bars look better than HB or any others.

Handguards from Highway Dirt Bikes

Great mod! I know a lot of guys are having trouble finding sturdy handguards that fit the '09. The BMW handguards are nice but other inmates report that they don't fit the '09, only the '07 (different bars). Check these out! Strong as hell (Edit 6 months later: bike has been down now four times in low speed tipovers and yes, the handguards are tough as nails--no apparent damage) they protect my mitts from wind and rain, plus the HDB top clamp provides a platform for mounting my grip heater control panel. Cool! The only thing I needed to do to make them fit was to drill and tap the OEM bar end plugs for M8 bolts. Then the HDB guards bolt right on. No other adjustments needed. Local machine shop did the drill/tap job for $10.

Fuse Box from Eastern Beaver

The fuse box is compact enough to fit under the seat and give me three switched fused power leads—nice! My three switched leads go to my HID’s, grips, and GPS. Of course, the OEM 2009 XCountry comes with a female Powerlet outlet that I use for my air compressor.

Edit--I discovered the hard way that the OEM Powerlet socket is on the same fuse as the starter and other engine management shit. Blow this fuse and your bike is dead. Easy enough to replace the blown fuse but decided to change this setup anyway. I cut the power line to the socket and spliced it into the power line serving the HID lights. This circuit has a 25 amp fuse and there's not much chance I'll be using the lights at the same time as some kinda power hungry accessory.

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