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6000k H4 Halogen Bulb from Luminics USA

To improve the lousy light from the OEM headlamp, first I tried one of those PIAA anti-shock H4 bulbs. It was an improvement, but not good enough, so I installed the Martin Fabrication HID’s (see above). The color of the HID’s is 6000k, and the color of the PIAA H4 is about 4200k. This looked funny when both lights were on—the PIAA bulb looked yellowish in comparison to the pure white HID’s. I wanted all three lights to be a good color match to each other. This Luminics bulb is just the ticket! Looks great when illuminated and as a bonus when it’s off it gives my headlight a cool BMW propeller logo kind of look. Plus they only cost $35 for two of them!

Valve Stem Caps from Accupressure

Yeah, I know some guys hate these things. But I like ‘em! Been using them for years. They work great for me!

Frame Protection Hard Parts from AdvRider Inmate - MTDewX8

Got these powdercoated but I’m guessing that I’ll be painting and repainting them to prevent rust since they’re made from mild steel. Maybe I should get them nickel-plated?

Edit--After only about 100 miles of non-paved riding, the hardparts are worn down to shiny steel on the bottom edges. They are definitely doing the job. Great mod! And cheap!

Another edit--Hit bottom REALLY REALLY hard while doing the Lolo Trail in Idaho fully loaded for camping (stupid) and thought for sure I'd busted something bad. But all I'd done is bent over the left side hard part and broken the lower peg mounting bolt! Incredible! Rode another 500 miles on this trip, then replaced the $10 hard part and the $6.99 bolt. Wow, these things are great!

Vinyl Headlight Film from Xpel Technologies

Cheap, easy protection from stones. One kit does four headlights.

Garage Door Mini-Clicker from eBay

How easy is this? Velcro the clicker to the brake reservoir then secure it with a wire tie. Water-resistant.

Neodymium Signal Changer from eBay

See those shiny rectangular blocks under my pegs? Those are neodymium magnets. They wreak havoc on the electromagnetic fields created by the inductive loop detectors that turn red lights on and off at intersections. In other words, they make my bike look like a car to an ILD. Very handy in my part of the world where 99% of the lights are ILD controlled.

Reflective License Plate Frame from eBay

Increases my visibility from the rear. The only drawback to this mod is it will be difficult for LEO’s to read my plate number if the traffic camera uses a flash. WAAAH!

For you slow-witted inmates, my vanity plate says "For Escaping" but with an "x" instead of a "s" as a play on "XCountry". Get it -- 'for "X"-caping'?


I love my throttle rocker! Oops! I mean, my Crampbuster.

Also -- no pics for these last two mods --

Fork Springs - .57kg from Race Tech – I got these because the .47kg BMW fork springs were too soft for me. Race Tech did not have an off-the-shelf solution for me, so these springs were custom made.

Ride-On Tyre Treatment from Inovex Industries. No tire treatment works great on TT tires, but it will handle small punctures while giving me perfectly balanced wheels at speed.

The two big mods still to come are a windscreen and an aux fuel tank. The aluminum X-Tank costs $700 so I’ve been waiting for the $200 polyethylene Muckpee tank. For the windscreen, I like the looks of the Marathon screen from Wunderlich, but it’s not on the market yet.

I got a couple other mods I may or may not do, but this is it for now.

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