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Our camping spot the next morning.

Some elephant on the other bank.

Beautiful area.

Now thatís what I like to see on a GPS, 132km and 7 and a half hours expected. Itís gonna be a great day.

Well, thatís not really the full picture, the data used to compile the route is based on the average speed of others who had been past here. They were either hunting or looking for game. So the 7 hours thing is way out.

We climb one of the domes to get a bit of a view. We like this place. Even when planning the trip we knew we were going to like this river section.

Check out these tufts that grow on the rock. They make their own peat to grow in. They are damn hard too, you only try to ride over them once, then you ride around them thereafter.

Today we intend to stay next to the river, we are in no hurry.

The place is suddenly teaming with game. And tsetse fly. In fact, I shouldnít be so hard on tsetse fly. If it wasnít for them, livestock would have been able to survive here. They are probably the main reason this area is still a wilderness.

Some elephant.

We cross many rivers and Brian is still sweating.

Unexpectedly we come upon a lodge type setup. We meet a friendly and welcoming barman. And they have COLD EVERYTHING. So we drink COLD EVERYTHING. Beer, orange juice, brandy& Coke, water and some other stuff I do not partake in. Damn, it is good! After all those revolting hot beers weíve been having it is just fantastic. (Especially the beer at Mecula, it was damn near scalding)

Some pics.

Ok, letís have it with the hairy jokes. Give it your best shot.

When we want to leave we run into an unexpected problem. The barman does not want us to pay. It is not the done thing. He is obviously under the impression that we are guests of the concession holders, and this bar has no facilities for someone that wants to pay cash. He has no idea what to charge us. The perils of going where no-one else does.

So what we do is tally up what we drank (quite a lot actually) and leave enough money to cover normal bar prices. I hope he doesnít get into shit on our account.

We continue on our merry way. Much merrier since all the cold drinks.

The drinks also put us straight into a pampered holiday mood, so we ditch our plans for the day and look for the first place that looks lekker to camp.

When we find it we waste no time to hit the water.

Damn, it feels good. Hot as hell and we are spending the day up to our necks in the river. Perfect.

This day was perfect, just perfect.

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