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AWD please!!
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Thumb Christini AWD/2wd KTM ADVENTURE!!

Who out there is looking for the ULTIMATE ADVENTURE BIKE?

I've been chatting w/ Mr. Christini a bit about doing something like this for some time now. Here is his latest reply ready for public viewing.

"I haven't run the exact numbers, but we would want to lock down at least 5 people before we start to make it worth the effort.

Kit would likely run about $7000 as we have to make one off parts
(dropout,gearbox, tank) for each one because we wouldn't have enough volume to justify make sets of 100 parts. The biggest problem I see is the tank, assuming we have to make one side. The molds are expensive and take about 3 months to fabricate.

The 2nd problem would be the time each customer would be without their bike as we would need their exact frames to modify (KTM doesn't stock enough replacements frames to get ahead of the curve). This means they would have to unassemble their bike, send us the frame, and have us do our thing. We would need all 5 together to fixture and get it right.

Lot's of complexities in a "custom" project, but if there are some
enthusiastic people out there, it just might happen."

I'm sure there are other 950 riders out there that desire a product like this other than myself. For the price that used 950's are going for now a days, you could have an amazing 2wd 950 for the price of a new one.

I've had the chance to ride a 2wd 250 Honda and was so impressed at how well it worked, I've been dreaming of a 950 version ever sense.

Please post up your thoughts and concerns. This thread will be watched and read by those that can do something to make this possible.

This is a product in progress...not yet for sale. This is the best board on the net so I started here. Let's make it happen.
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