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AWD please!!
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Some interesting reading.


"Overall, the Christini did manage to surprise most of us, yet again. We know the benefits of the system and those benefits showed up often. We also know the negatives (increased weight, a learning curve to get used to the front wheel sensation and overall power-sapping)."

Some of my thoughts:

Increased Weight- You're on a 950 what's extra 15-20 lbs. That's 2 less gallons of gas in my 12 gallon tanks.

Learning Curve- It took me about 20 min to figure out how to just gas it in the corners and not worry about the front.

Over-all Power Sapping- You're on a 950. W/ 85 RWHP stock a little loss is no big deal for me.

Christini makes some great bikes. If you look at the details, it's a well put together kit. The info that I received was that this system would be similar to the smaller bikes, running off of the output shaft sprocket. If there is an issue w/ the 950 HP output, I'm sure that would be addressed with beefier parts in the kit.

As for road use:

My 950 is a travel vehicle that I take almost anywhere. It's like a well built JEEP. I ride my bike to the trails, mountains, where ever then ride it home. Is this bike perfect for everything? No, but it does just about everything pretty darn well. Traction is my biggest issue when trails get steep and technical.

As for the price, with anything, the more you make the cheaper it costs per part, maybe the same would ring true here, but I'm not the one to say.
Yes, it is an expensive modification and may not be for everyone, but I'm getting away from having several bikes. I don't like to truck my bike to the trails, unload, ride, load back up and head home. Plus I don't have the time to maintain them all. These are some of my personal thoughts to let everyone know where I'm coming from, not to say that this is the only way.

Keep up the replies this is all helpful.

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