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Originally Posted by DakarBlues
Some questions:
- is this trip achievable only during the dry season? (I saw that you crossed innumerable, wide, sandy riverbeds), I believe so
- I see you bathing into some fairly deep rivers, are'nt there Nile crocs around? (it's the great lakes region after all), Yes there are, we kept an eye out and both up and downstream from us was pretty shallow.
- I see that the lodges where you stop are not protected against wildlife, not even summarily, aren't there any lions around there? Yes there are, we did not come across any.
- did you cross that region where the lions are making short thrift of people?
- did you hear any roar? This was in the general area, but the specific village where the last 16 people were eaten was still some 150km away.

This rr makes me just apply for a park ranger job in Africa, let me know if you see any opening.
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