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I ride mostly offroad, so I spooned on knobbies right after the first service @ 1000km, threw the Sahara's up in the rack for possible future use.

Put them back on in May of this year to do the Hoedown in Vermont, then down to the BYOB and back up to Canada. During that ride most of the time I was at full load, three hard cases and a tankbag, and my fat ass. Wet or dry, they worked pretty good for the whole trip. In the end, I put 7000 km on them, and the rear was done, but not cooked. Could have probably gotten another 1500 km out of the rear, and the front still had lots left. The traction loaded was alright, more than enough for the conditions.

When we got to Hot Springs, I unloaded the beast then spent a day playing tag with Steverino down to Deals and back. Good grip, but I found the full speed lean required a careful touch. A little light on slide warning. But we managed to have lots of fun anyways, didn't we Steve & Bart?
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