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Gore-Tex in REV'IT Products

I was waiting for that question to be asked

Like many manufacturers without a Gore-Tex license of so long, REV'IT!'s internally developed HydraTex liners perform extremely well in the waterproof / breathable liner arena because they have to. For this level of product, sub-par weatherproofing performance simply is not an option. In short REV'IT!'s in-house liners let water vapor (sweat) out without letting water droplets in in the same manner ar Gore-Tex.

While Gore-Tex was the pioneer in developing these type of products and membranes, as most current REV'IT! customers can attest, the waterproof / breathable properties of the current lineup are nothing short of outstanding.

The Gore-Tex liners will most likely make their way into the REV'IT! lineup at the top end and then eventually trickle down into the mid range products over time. If they replaced the HydraTex in all of the garments out of the gates consumers would realize an immediate price increase across the board just based on newly incurred manufacturing and licensing costs.

While it is exciting to see the premier Gore-Tex materials exclusively used in an already premium brand, the difference in performance by Gore-Tex's inclusion will not be dramatic or create immediate obsolecense of previous years models (e.g. Cayenne Pro, Navigator etc)

Don't get me wrong its a great addition and of course the die hard Gore-Tex guys will be pleased - but it should not take anything away from the percieved performance or value of the current product line.

Personally I am much more excited about a rumor of Gore-Tex's potential new functional technologies aside from the liner which may or may not end up in 2010 or 2011 gear.

My two cents.

I hope this gives some reassurance to anyone who recently bought a REV'IT! all season product. When I saw the press release I expected more than a few ears to perk up.

Anthony .... still from my Honeymoon ;-)

Originally Posted by Shane Stump
Glad to hear Rev'it is going to be using "Gor-Tex" this next fashion year! But it begs the question how inferior is the existing clothing line (2009)?

While I own more Rev'it gear than I care to remind myself, the Infinity is the only Rev'i gear I have personally tested for "water-proofness" and it passed with FLYING COLORS!!!

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