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Originally Posted by Adventure boy
Just a couple of questions please to help ease my mind that im doing the right thing
are these really any good offroad im on a well sorted DRZ at the mo but find it tiresome riding to the trails on road as cruising speeds on a 400 are not very high 60mph
I know the weight is more than the drz but offroading it ????
cruising / Highway speeds the shop say 80mph is a good speed for the tenere ???
what proper offroad tryes are you guys using I know the choice is a bit limited with the 17" rear wheel I used TKC80s on my last 660r which were ok is there anything better????

Thanks for the advise guys
I've used mine for a fair bit of greenlaning, I'd say it's up to the job.
I had an early DRZ400S and reckon the Tenere's suspension is way better not to mention the comfort but the Suzuki had better build quality and finish.I've ridden 350 mile trips no problem, that's Kent to Suffolk/Norfolk for a days greenlaning on the fast,open,sandy trails up there.It is never going to match the other bikes in my pic below but I wasn't far behind.

Fit a 14T front sprocket and maybe a 46T rear as well ,the chain length won't allow any bigger on the rear.

Pirelli Mt21 rear lasts about 1000-1500miles, front over 4000.Mitas CO2 are available in 17 inch not tried one yet though they look like they'd be good if there is enough clearance around the swingarm.
Chain and sprockets lasted 6000miles, rear brake pads 5500.
Cush drive knackered by 2000-2500miles.

There is no chain guide so you hear a lot of chain slap on rough ground.

The FI is spot on the only downside is the tickover is set at about 1500rpm so no engine braking on steep decents, you need to hold it back on the brakes which are rather good without being too grabby offroad.

80mph cruising is fine.......... nearer 90mph is more comfortable for me and it feels really planted,you don't flap around like a dying swan across all 3 lanes. I've fitted a larger Metal Mule screen but a placcy extension gaffer-taped to the screen works just as well if your M-way trips are rare.

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