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Oh No!!!

This morning I changed ALL the fluids and found a couple of problems. First off my final drive oil was a little milky. Water's getting in there somehow and I don't like it. Second and more serious, when I dropped the tranny oil the magnet had the usual fuzz along with three small shards of metal seen below in the jaws of a 10mm wrench for scale. (sorry about the crappy cell phone photo) They are long skinny splinters and fairly thick. They aren't the flakes you usually see coming from bearing races. They have some thickness to them. I also took a pair of pliers to one and bent it. It didn't snap so it didn't come off of something really hard (like a bearing race).

To all of you who've been there before, what am I in for? Is this an indication of imminent tranny death, or could these just be a result of crunching into gear a few too many times? There are 15k miles on the box and it did sit for about 15-20 years. The tranny shifts fine and there's no feelable grinding when turning the wheel over on the centerstand. I realize nobody can tell me definitively one way or another, but I need some reassurance (or warning, but hopefully not). Anybody?
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