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I think I will go with TKC's after I wear down the Saharas, they are just to hard a compound for wet weather use here in the cold and miserable U.K., on a 160kg. I am sure that with a heavier bike and/or hotter climate they would be a lot different, they are pretty good in the dry, although I can get the front to slide mid corner just by altering weight distribution, shits up the people I ride with.

Last night while riding through London in the rain an asshat in a Ford Mondeo pulled out on me, I ended up very sideways but missed him, I smacked the fuck out of his rear door with a good kick though, a despatch rider went round the other side of him and punched his mirror off for good measure.

Now I didn't have to put my feet down but it felt like I was riding in a river of liquid shit all the time, I am used to a bike behaving like this when riding over limestone but not for 60 miles at a time. TKC's for me.
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