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Originally Posted by Airhead Wrangler
Is this an indication of imminent tranny death, or could these just be a result of crunching into gear a few too many times?
If the oil looked OK otherwise, I'd say the latter. When shift dogs have a rough encounter, you lose a little wire of metal from the edge. They are very distinctive. When the box is eventually opened, you'll see where they came from (and they can't be put back, so don't do that!).

If the tranny is from the circlip days (which I suspect it is) and the output shaft spins smoothly, I'd just go ahead and run it for a bit with some clean oil and then have another look. It is probably worth pulling the driveshaft off and feeling the flange directly, though. Just pull the swingarm back an inch to give yourself some room.

If the gearbox runs too hot to touch, just get it off your mind and have it checked out. If it's too hot to keep your hand on but OK for a second or two, that's pretty normal.

Lead times can really be anything, but if you make a firm appointment for the work (most guys will probably work with you on this) so that you're not jumping in front of an existing backlog, it's just a one-day job unless unusual parts need to be ordered.
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