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I bought my '83 XL600 for $600 back on April 1st and so far it has cost about $100 in parts. Levers,screws,filter, speedo cable.
With additional work I have to have done at a machine shop and remainder of fasteners replaced,I figure about $200 more.
I stripped 2 exhaust bolts and 2 cylinder head bolts.Going to replace all of the top-end fasteners. Don't want to have to experience that again.
While changing my clutch cover gasket, I noticed my pulse generator looks like cr ap

Guess I'm going to replace it anyway. Fairly cheap,$17.
Overall from what I can see on the bike,should have it back on the road/trails by May.I have been riding m/c since 1982 so kind of use to find issues. True joy is when you get it back on the road.
Looking forward to that
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