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Originally Posted by Airhead Wrangler
Shoving off mid-september or october 1st at the latest, so plenty of time. I was just hoping that the tranny was going to be a grand that I didn't have to spend now. Damn it. The trip budget may have just gotten a little tighter. I'm going on a 800-1000 mile ride next weekend and after that I might drop my tranny oil again and look for any more evil. Problem is, what are the chances that those little shards even make their way to the magnet? For all I know, these little pieces could've been living in the bottom of the box for a while and only recently migrated close enough to the magnet to get picked up. Maybe I'll get one of those little magnets on a flexy wire, snake it in the drain hole and do some sweeping and see what I find.

Anyway, my feeling on the matter right now is just ride it and pay close attention to it - Feel for the first signs of any bad vibes, put it up on the center stand and turn the wheel often, change my tranny oil every time I change my engine oil and watch for any more chunks. After a few months of that I'll make my decision on whether or not to get it rebuilt. Anyway, what's the lead time to get a box built from any of the big names? (Anton, Oak, Ted Porter, etc.) They can turn them around in a few weeks right?
i think you are worrying too much Airhead Wanker, just ride the thing to South America, if the tranny ever brakes down it s going to be an excellent story/shot for the movie furthermore you can always finish the trip on a local XR200 with the PD tank strapped on it
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