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Part 2: roaming around in Greece

So, what do good Buddhists do in retreat places? Right, they are sitting around in caves and try to meditate...

And bad Buddhists? Sure! They go biking. Here together with a guy from Switzerland, called Markus. He came there with his 1200GS and was keen on getting his first offroad experiences:

Greece is a Enduro paradise in Europe. Nothing is forbidden (or at least I can't read the signs and as long as you behave and don't disturb anybody I hadn't any problems yet). Just be careful with the shepherds dogs

Still beeing on tour with Markus Anita phoned and said she arrived at Greece. I met here down in Evrostina (remeber, the nearest village, and from there up you really need to know the way. There are no signs or something) and we had great greek food at Georgios tavern. This is the best spot for food in the entire area there. They don't have a menu there. Old Georgios just asks if you are hungry and you'll get what he bought fresh in the morning. Some meet on the grill, some veggies, salad, and, self-made wine!

The next day Anita was so generous to lend her bike to Zoli, a guy from Hungaria who now lives in London. He did some school there to become a motorbike mechanic and did some serious Enduro riding in his youth...

So finally I got the opportunity to check out the smaller and more technical goat paths thru the mountains which I wanted to explore for a long time but was too chicken to go alone or with a beginner...

In the evening, after a much too short time there, we had to start packing up our stuff. Due to Anitas job we were 2 days behind our schedule...

More to come...

Cheers, Andy
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