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You guys need to get over yourselves...
I often get approached by people, and yeah, normally they open with kinda' dumb or redundant questions. BUT, I have heard some really cool motorcycling stories from old timers, learned about new places to ride (on and off road), been invited to go riding (going on a group ride in two weeks), rode a couple or really nice looking gals around the block on separate occasions (one of which calls me occasionally for another ride), found a couple of really good deals on "barn bikes", gotten job offers, etc...
Sometimes the people I meet aren't worth fooling with, but for the most part I get a big kick out of the gas station conversations. I like reading their faces too, the young guy drooling over my dirty bike or the old man who, in his mind, gets sent back many years to his days riding his BSA through the fields (and all the hell raising of his youth!). It's all cool, I'll talk to everyone of 'em.
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